Emilie R. Feldman
Assistant Professor of Management
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
2018 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104-6370
215.746.7676 (telephone)
215.898.0401 (fax)

Current C.V.


"Corporate Spinoffs and Analysts’ Coverage Decisions: The Implications for Diversified Firms." Strategic Management Journal, (2015)

(with C. Montgomery) "Are Incentives without Expertise Sufficient? Evidence from Fortune 500 Firms." Strategic Management Journal, 36(1): 113-122 (2015)

(with S. Gilson and B. Villalonga) "Do Analysts Add Value When They Most Can? Evidence from Corporate Spinoffs." Strategic Management Journal, 35(10): 1446 - 1463 (2014)

(with R. Amit and B. Villalonga) "Corporate Divestitures and Family Control." Strategic Management Journal, (2014)

"Legacy Divestitures: Motives and Implications." Organization Science, 25(3): 815-832 (2014)

"A Basic Quantification of the Competitive Implications of the Demise of Arthur Andersen." Review of Industrial Organization, 29: 193-212 (2006)


Working Papers

"Dual Directors and the Value of Board Interlocks Following Corporate Spinoffs."

"Managerial Compensation and Incentive Alignment in Corporate Spinoffs."

"Managerial Attention and Organizational Adjustment Costs in Diversified Firms"


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The Wharton School

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