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Public Speaking

Presentation Topics

  • New Business Opportunities in Global Markets: The Impact of Population and Technology Trends.

  • Follow the Babies: What Population Trends Tell Us About the Future of Consumer and Financial Markets.

  • Gray Is the New Black: Why Seniors Are the Most Overlooked Market—And the Most Attractive.

  • Nurturing Talent: Population Trends and the Labor Force of the Future.

  • Seven Mysteries about Technology: How Social and Economic Trends Shape Technology Adoption.


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  • “Professor Guillén is a master at explaining how business leaders should interpret and navigate complex economic and global events. His presentation at Google's International Growth Summit was the highest-rated."
          — Michael Haralambakis, Head of International Growth at Google

  • “Through highly relevant content, Professor Guillén offered a fresh view of current world trends that are reshaping business dynamics. We walked away enlightened and armed with invaluable insights we actively apply in interactions with our global partners.”
          — Zuzana Salka, Associate Director, Global Verticals, Spotify

  • “Mauro Guillén’s presentation on global demographics and markets made me think about new opportunities for attracting, developing, and retaining talent.”
          — Alba Martínez, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, The Vanguard Group

  • “Mauro Guillén made an engaging, humorous, and insightful keynote presentation to our Global Summit attendees, conveying knowledge and ideas that were both current and actionable.”
          — Ellen Kelsay, Chief Strategy Officer, National Business Group on Health

  • “I left Professor Guillen’s presentation feeling more informed, with more data, more facts, and a new vision. Great event, thank you for inviting me to hear such useful insight presented in such a comprehensive and persuasive way. An impressive presentation from an impressive mind. Engaging and persuasive. Please invite me again for the next one.”
         — Participants at an event of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, New York

  • "Mauro Guillen came to speak to my international team about global market trends. He captured their imagination from the start, and gave them invaluable insights."
         — Khartoon Weiss, Global Head of Verticals, Spotify

  • "Guillén’s presentation at our annual Investors' Forum in Hong Kong was excellent. He is an engaging and inciteful speaker who struck an ideal balance between depth of content and clarity of delivery. The question and answer session was dynamic and audience feedback on the presentation was excellent."
        — Eric Fishwick, Chief Economist, CLSA (Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia)

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